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Types of Windows and Doors


Learning about your choices for Windows and Doors. 



Choosing the right window for your particular needs is of primary importance. The different types of windows each have particular functions and aesthetics that make them more appealing in the proper architectural style and functional use. 


Casement / Awning Window

Commonly known as the "crank out" window. The Awning window looks like a crank out turned on it's side (usually above another window or door)

  • Is the tightest sealing of all window types
  • Withstands air and water infiltration because of its' positive locking method
  • Became the energy saving standard in the 80's and 90's and continues today
  • Cleaning can be more of an issue than with other types of windows. 

Single / Double Hung

A very common choice for windows in days past and has had a big resurgence with the replacement window market. Sash slides up and down.

  • New construction techniques have made this a much more efficent window
  • Aesthetically pleasing in 1 1/2 story and Cape cod style homes
  • Easy to clean with the tilt in sash feature common to most of the manufacturers today
  • Has many design flexibilities. especially for divided light and sash size dividing (2/3 lower sash, 1/3 upper sash)

Sliding Window

They are also known as a Gliding Window. Is a very popular choice in entry level homes and multi family homes because of its low price point

  • Inexpensive, good value
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Works in tight areas with little room for out swing, such as casement or awning
  • It is not as tight and energy efficent as a casement or double hung
  • Greater possibility of air and water infiltration

Bay and Bow Windows

There are many specialty windows that fit in to the other categories like arched and round top windows. There are also picture windows (fixed glass) that are often placed in between two casement, double hung or sliders. The most well know specialty windows are bow and bay windows. 

  • Distinctive look and function
  • Great curb appeal
  • Lets in the maximum amount of sunlight and warmth into the room
  • Adds size and space to the room
  • Energy efficiency can be a concern, so a casement for the operating units is preferred 


Like Choosing the right window, choosing the right door is not what it may appear at first glance. More energy efficiency is lost in the door than in many windows so making the right choice on your door is crucial.


Entry Doors: The Entry Door, often overlooked and under appreciated. It is the invitation to your home but many contractors have neglected it's value to the curb appeal of your home. Durability and efficiency as well as aesthetics all come into play in this intregal feature in your homes appeal.  

  • Doors can come with or with out sidelights
  • You can find many materials such as wood, metal and fiberglass
  • Lights (windows) in the door are an option
  • There is a huge range in price on doors from under a hundred dollars and into the thousands
  • Can come with built in security options such as 3 point locks and alarm contacts 
  • Quality of the weather stripping is most important
  • Thousands of styles to choose from

The Sliding Door: Also called a gliding door is the most common patio door in the market. They are popular becasue of the lower price point than the french door. Also with out a out or in swing the fit in many applications that a swinging patio door will not work.

  • There is a vast quality seperation in different manfacturers
  • Proper installation is imperative to the correct function of the door
  • Sliding screen doors often become problem area
  • Air and water infiltration can be fairly common

The French Door. Also known as a swinging patio door. It tends to be the more energy efficient cousin of the sliding door. They generally run more money and are often used in triple and quadruple panel doors. They do add elegance and beauty to back yard features of any home.

  • They come in both in and out swings
  • Many design features for a personal touch
  • Better than sliders at resisting air and water infiltration
  • Tend to be more secure although some sliding doors have come a long way
  • Can order styles where both panels operate

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