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Millwork, Specialty Services and Commercial Windows


 Millwork, Specialty Services and Commercial Windows 



Trim, mouldings, railings, columns and many different types of specialty woodwork as well as interior and exterior wood doors can be purchased and installed through Windows Solution™. We work with with special suppliers of these products like Bayer Millwork who carry many specialty trims and mouldings as well as wood doors by companies like Buffelen  

If you have a need for any type of door, trim or moulding, we can get it for you. If you are not sure you can find that special piece of woodwork, trim or moulding, vist the links above and see if they carry it. Most likely they will but if you are still having trouble, give us a call @ 763-428-2883 and we will help you with finding what you need.


Specialty Services 

With our vast years of experience in the window and door business, we have developed some services of our own. We have a custom paint shop that can match most any stain or paint known to man. We often do your windows and doors here at our shop, so the mess and smell stay away from your home. We also do many types of custom woodworking. Window Solutions™ has developed a class woodshop at our facility. 


We have customized doors, windows and other trim work to fit special needs that have arisen over the years. The work is not sub-contracted out but done by employees of Window Solutions™. If you have a need in the window or door world, we are pretty sure we can meet itCall us for any window or door need you may have @ 763-428-2883


Commercial Windows

All of the windows we carry can be used in many commercial applications, such as multi-family housing, senior housing and other typical light commercial uses. However we also carry regual heavy duty commercial window through Wojan Commercial Windows and doors. Wojan is celebrating 60 years and all 60 years has been perfecting the commercial end of the window business. 



The anatomy of a commercial window or door is a little different than you residential product and we are proud to carry this outstanding line. If you have a commercial need for outstanding windows and doors please call Window  Solutions™ @ 763-428-2883

You can click on any of the links above and go to the websites to research the products they carry or you can give us a call @

763-428-2883 or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly: