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EnergyWise Solutions: Your windows and doors and energy use


Here are a few representations of what quality windows and  expert installation can do for your home!

 Efficiency, Your Windows and our EnergyWise Solutions™ 

Window technology has taken leaps and bounds over the last decade and most windows 10 years or older could be a candidate for replacement.  Through innovative technology, new glass coatings and the use of inert gases, manufacturers have developed integral frames and glass packs that do a great job of addressing these issues. Air leakage through the window has virtually been eliminated.

The installation of the window, however, is key to eliminating a major source of air infiltration. A poorly installed window can reduce or even eliminate its superior technological construction by allowing air to travel freely around the frame of the window. No matter the quality of the window you choose, being sure that it is installed correctly by a qualified and certified window installer is imperative. That is the key to taking full advantage of your new windows or doors superior technology.

*** Insert Vinyl Window Installation ***

A note about insert application of a vinyl window into an existing frame. While you may be addressing a problem with old leaking windows, there is a good chance that there is as much of a problem around the frame of the window, as the window itself. Many times when we replace windows, we find that the area around the frames was poorly insulated, if even insulated at all. Insert applications do not address this issue. The existing frame and trim is not removed, so no insulation is added around the frame and air infiltration may still be a major problem in the energy efficiency of your home. We recommend a total window replacement for maximum energy savings. We use a closed cell foam around all our windows to virtually eliminate air or moisture infiltration, so you can take full advantage of your new energy efficient windows and doors.


How to get the biggest bang for your Window Replacement dollars!

Window Solutions home performance division EnergyWise Solutionsknows that it is more than your windows and doors that contribute to energy loss but by replacing your windows or doors you have taken a big step in answering your energy concerns. Check to see if you qualify for and Government programs or rebates for your window replacement: Energy tax Credits, Loans and Grants




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