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Contractor's Sales Desk


Contractors Sales Desk


Our Contractors are the mainstay of our business

Without the many contractors who buy their windows and doors from us for their customers, we would not have a business. Those of us who are still in the specialty are the ones who have made a commitment to service. We have vowed to make sure our contractors know that they are important to us and their service is our priority. We will always take great care of all customers who purchase their products through us and none more than our ontractors.

We will provide: 


  • A growing selection of products to choose from
  • Installation services with Contractor pricing
  • Training for contractors sales force
  • Assistance in the sales process if needed
  • Reduced liability for contractor's through our in house measuring and order assurance program 

We welcome back some of you who have worked with us in the past and assure you that our commitment to your success is our top priority. If you have not worked with us in the past, let us show you how we can help you increase your penetration into the window and door market, especially full line wood and clad replacement window and door area. Full service is what we do. Those Contractors who work with us have seen their window and door business increase and the miss orders and liabilty decrease. Thsi is truly the proverbial win-win situation for both Window Solutions™ and our Contractors. Give us a call today @ 763-428-2883 and we will take you out for lunch and go over our program.


Install Services

Window Solutions has helped many of our contractors for several years now with our own quality installation services . Now we have taken on new staff and installers to increase those services. We are including a new area of expertise into the energy efficiency services

  • Reduce your liabilty
  • Increase penetration into the window and door market

Contact us for an in house meeting at your place or ours, we'll buy lunch!