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Contractors "Installed in the Wall" Installation Services


"Installed in the Wall"™ Installation Sevices


Window SolutionsTM is serious about earning your business. We have been serving area Contractors since 1982 by our parent name, Eagle Window Distribution Co. and we know the window and door business.

  • It's all we do and we do it well
  • We know Windows and Doors
  • Competitive labor costs without the liability
  • Top quality products
  • Expert Installation



Increase your profits by decreasing your liability 

Our expanded installation services have been developed over many years and we have systemized and standardized a quality procedure to make sure your windows and doors are installed exactly to manufactures recommendations. Our goal is to reduce your liability through providing you a fixed cost by taking responsibility for the measuring, ordering, installation and any callbacks or manufacturer’s warranty issues. We can do this because of our vast experience in the window and door business.  Our services include Replacement, Retrofit and New Construction window and door installation.   


Reduce your Liability!

  • We measure, price and install the window
  • We will go out on a sales call to assist your staff if needed
  • We will do final measurements to assure you will no longer own an inventory of windows
  • We measure it, we own it if it is wrong
  • We can stain and finish your products here in our paint shop, reduce mess and smell in your customers home
  • We warranty the work for 2 years as well as take care of the window warranty
  • We help you with fixed costs to help keep your job on budget
  • We handle you customers concerns whether about the window or the installation
  • We employ quality installers who know windows and doors (AAMA, Andersen and Lead Certified)
  • We do all aspects of the installation including sheetrock, taping, painting if needed


If you have ever had a build to fit window or door job that seemed too complicated and you wondered if you really wanted to get involved, let us help you next time. We may be able to help you land business that some contractors don’t pursue because the size or scope are challenging and the liability seems too high. If you specialize in these jobs, let us help you do more projects with less work and reducing your liability for miss-orders and cost overruns. We want to help you increase your penetration and profitability in the window and door replacement world. Whether you have used us before or are a new customer, call us @ 763-428-2883 and we will buy you lunch for a moment of your time.


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