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"Installed in the Wall" Installation Services


 Installed in the Wall™ installation services


We can take the hassle out of your window installation!

We install too. If you do not have a contractor lined up, no worries.  Our installation services have been developed over many years and we have a quality procedure to make sure your windows and doors are installed exactly to manufactures recommendations. We can make your window and door shopping a one stop shop.  Our services include Replacement, Retrofit and New Construction window and door installation and energy efficiency updates.

                                                     We Do:

  • On-site measurement verification of windows and doors 
  • Installation of inserts or removal and replacement of windows   
  • Replacing headers if necessary 
  • Resizing openings if necessary
  • Applying new trim to windows and doors
  • Painting and staining done off-site to eliminate odors and mess
  • Qualified Installations by employee’s that are AAMA and Lead certified
  • Our services include, sheetrock, taping, trimming and painting in relation to window replacements.
  • Hanging or re-hang shades and blinds.
  • Energy Effiecency updates
  • Remove and dispose of construction trash


We can take the mess and fret out of your window and door installation. NO shifting blame between the contactor, manufacturer and distributor if there is an issue. We will take care of any issues, so you don’t have to worry. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our professional sales staff!  


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If you do have a contractor, make sure to mention our Contractor  Installation services, as well as our: EnergyWise Solutions  energy auditing services.

  • We carry your quality windows and doors.
  • We can install them for you or for your contractor
  • We provide energy auditing services to make sure you get the most for your window and door investment


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